Baron Law Firm in the News: Storms Ravage Street & Sidewalks

Baron Law Firm in the News. Click on this link —->  Syosset Jericho Tribune, March 2015, “Storms Ravage Streets & Sidewalks”.


The tribune reported on a case Baron Law Firm recently won against the County of Nassau arising out of claim of negligent snowplowing.

“Jeff Baron, owner of Baron Law Firm, said that action would likely create an unreasonable burden for homeowners, particularly those who live the middle of the block with a sidewalk running behind the rear of their lot.

“That result would be absurd” said Baron, adding that he found it ironic that Nassau County’s lawyers, who are essentially paid by its taxpaying homeowners, were trying to shift the burden of responsibility from the county to the individual homeowners. “It was stated in black and white that it is not the homeowners’ responsibility. And to make matters worse, it was the county’s own plowing methods that allegedly caused the sidewalk obstruction in the first place.”

“The county was wrongfully trying to push this burden off onto its homeowners”, said Baron. “They were attempting to abdicate their own legal responsibility to clear the sidewalks. The court found in our favor and it was, of course, no shock. Front means front.”

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